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With the same love with which we are loved by God and we love him, we are called to love others. We are chaste to love more: more love for God and more for our neighbor. "Let him who loves God love his brother also" (1 Jn 4:21).

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We renounce not only great things, but also small things. We give up not only the futile things, but also those that we consider useful for ourselves or the community. Resembling the poor and Crucified Christ, we are exhausted even from the desire to possess and accumulate.


In the desire to conform ourselves totally to Jesus, we assume for ourselves the same obedience. Like His, our obedience must also be from love: "... I love the Father and so I do what he has commanded me" (Jn 14:31)


Through this vow we want to imitate Mary in that attitude of total availability that she had with Elizabeth. It must put us in an abyssal and urgent way at the service of people, preferably of the poorest.

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